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Message from h

23th May 2016
Hello Naturalaires!
I am happy to announce a freak h Natural happening in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 24 this year. Copenhagen’s lovely (if you haven’t been) and I’m not bad either (if you overlook my dodgy piano-playing and ageing body), so it could be a very nice weekend all round.
See you there as well as everywhere else with Marillion?..

Message from h

5th February 2016
Hello naturalizers, Well, I’ve done a fair few h natural shows now and, despite pre-show terrors, have enjoyed every single one. High points: Oslo crowd singing the “answer” vocal spontaneously during my ham-fisted attempt at Aha’s “Take on Me”, fabulous crowd vibes in Bonn, a great aftershow signing session in Utrecht, that bloke who put his hands in my hair throughout “This is the 21st Century” in Stockholm, the fans in the “cage" at St John’s Church, Oxford, the first 'free tequila’ evening ever in church in Liverpool and, just when I thought I’d finished, a bonus gig at the 100 Club, London where - strangely - I entered the zone and stayed there longer than I ever have. It was good to start with “Heroes” and end with “Life on Mars” for db. A zillion thanks to all who showed up to throw something into my Cage. I’m no longer starving - physically or spiritually. I’m swollen with, and by, your faith. That’s me floating over your house right now.. :o]

h Gig at the legendary 100 Club

9th January 2016
Hello all you Naturists!
Huge thanks to everyone who came to my Christmas shows in Oslo, Bonn, Utrecht, Stockholm, Liverpool and Oxford. They were perhaps the most successful h Natural gigs to date - all 7 selling out. The vibe was throughly maintained and new traditions were born. Tequila!
I have received a number of comments lamenting the absence of a London show. I simply couldn’t find the time to play London whilst maintaining my main priority (writing the next Marillion album) in the studio with the boys during the week.

HOWEVER.. I have been offered an evening at the legendary 100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London. I am proud and excited to announce:

Don’t bring a bauble, bring a shot-glass ...and we’ll let the New Year in, fashionably late.

Ticket link

h Noel

10th November 2015
Well, not long to my solo Xmas shows in December. I have titled it "The Family Tree" tour for obvious reasons. You are now more-or-less family, and, er… there’ll be a tree.
For those unfamiliar with my traditions I invite you to bring a bauble and we’ll dress the tree during the gig! All baubles are welcome although "home made" is always more festive.
See you soon,
Love peace and goodwill

Christmas Tour Sold Out!

15th September 2015
Looks like the Christmas tour is all sold out! Thank you loves and my apologies to those who missed it. Stay tuned for the soon to be announced show in Stockholm on Sunday December 13th. Details to follow soon.. Have a good Autumn, you crazy kids.. h xx
Love and light

Welcome to the new site!

15th September 2015
Welcome to the new site!
I hope you like the new design. We felt it was high time for a little change.

Huge thanks to the 500 folks who came to my "Strangely Natural" show in Rome on Saturday. There were sublime moments, and everyone afterwards seemed to have enjoyed the evening. I think we trapped the spark and held it there, at least for a while..
I must thank the musicians Riccardo, Maurizio, Massimo and Danny for their great generosity, attention to detail and spirit. You made an otherwise-interesting evening become occasionally transcendent. Bravo. What a pleasure for me.

My December shows are selling out one-by-one so if you would like to join me for an evening of Christmassy goodwill, there are a handful of tickets left for Oxford, Stockholm and Oslo. It would be great to see you, to share the vibe, to dress the tree and to enjoy being around each other.

Love and light

Message from h

29th June 2015
Every once in a while, a musician comes along who redefines the sound of a musical instrument and how it can be used in the making of art. Such people are true innovators and rare talents.
Chris Squire was just that. He brought his instrument - the bass - to the front of Yes's music and endowed it with fabulous rasping, grinding melodic tones normally reserved for lead instruments. I first heard his chromatic upward run at the intro of "Starship Trooper" on the groundbreaking "The Yes Album". It was playing at a party when I was 17 and it knocked me out. From then on I was listening...
I was fortunate to meet him last year on the "Cruise to the Edge" and I was a good deal more nervous than I look in this picture. He was a almost a foot taller than me and quite a daunting figure, in addition to the awe I was already in. A giant, physically and musically.
Another true great has left us behind.
Rest in peace, Chris

H (SUPER)NATURAL concert in Gibraltar

March 2nd 2015



Marillion frontman Steve Hogarth will return to Gibraltar for a unique concert that promises to be unlike any other of his solo performances. The incomparable setting of Saint Michael’s Cave is the venue for a concert that has already attracted international interest, such is the anticipation for this special musical event taking place on Saturday 30th May.

The concert, announced today by promoters GibMedia, is fully supported by Gibraltar Cultural Services and HM Government of Gibraltar and has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the event’s partners and main sponsors, Isolas and Fiduciary. In addition, the organisers are grateful to Gibtelecom, Lewis Stagnetto Limited, GibOil, Sovereign Group and Chesterton for sponsoring this event that forms part of the Gibraltar Spring Festival of Art and Culture.

Steve Hogarth - also known as ‘h’ - is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician who has fronted the legendary Marillion for over 25 years, helping reinvigorate and constantly redefine the band’s sound via a succession of inventive, emotional albums like “Brave”, “Marbles”, “Seasons End” or the more recent “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”. A vibrant musical force, to those who already love Marillion, they’re something special; to everyone else they're a love affair waiting to happen.

Central to the appeal and success of the Progressive Rock legends over the past 25 years has been the unmistakable voice and charisma of Steve Hogarth. It was in 2006 that he first embarked on his ‘h Natural’ solo project, a series of intimate shows featuring just himself and a piano that already graced Saint Michael’s Cave almost a decade ago and the British Overseas Territory’s King’s Chapel last year. A good friend of Gibraltar, Steve was intent on returning: “This will be my fourth time performing in my beloved Gibraltar. Last year’s Literary Festival gig in the King’s Chapel was truly special for me and I came home with that rare feeling that I had ‘nailed it’. Must be something in the water… I immediately began hustling to return, so the chance to play once again in the unique space that is St Michael’s Cave is, well, icing on the cake. Unlike my usual strictly-solo shows, this time my son, Nial, will join me on stage to play cajon, and I’m also thrilled to have the fabulous Dave Gregory on hand to play guitar. Can’t wait.”

Nial is an accomplished drummer and this will be the first time father and son perform together, although Dave Gregory is no stranger to working with Steve. A member of the band XTC for 19 years, performing on the hits “Making Plans For Nigel”, “Senses Working Overtime” and twelve studio albums, as well as recording with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Take That’s Mark Owen, Dave is well known to Marillion fans through his work on Steve Hogarth’s solo album “Ice Cream Genius” and as a member of Steve’s star-studded h Band. The addition of these special guests will give a different, novel feel to what is already a show that will appeal to any music lover and not just Marillion fans. Steve’s repertoire will be culled from his 25 years with Marillion but will also include covers of songs that have touched him throughout his life.

As far as the venue is concerned, with its fascinating stalactites and stalagmites producing beautiful shapes and forms, St Michael’s Cave stands at 300 metres above sea level. As soon as you enter the Caves, the sense of drama is overwhelming; the coolness hits your senses along with the deep silence and mystique. The perfect venue for Steve Hogarth & Friends.

This is not the usual ‘h Natural’ show. This is different. For one show only and exclusively in Gibraltar, this is h (Super)Natural. It’s going to be special. It’s going to be unique. It’s going to be unforgettable.

Tickets, priced at £20, are available to buy online at Further details on the concert can be found at

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