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Chapter 144. Lucy and her brainchildren

February 6th 2023

Episode 143. What rhymes with Cowell.

January 30th 2023

Chapter 142. #freethebee

January 23rd 2023

Chapter 141. Sounds that nearly weren't made

January 16th 2023

Chapter 140. It's a long way to the start, when you begin in the middle.

January 9th 2023

Chapter 139. That space between a Camel's humps.

January 1st 2023

Chapter 138. If you steer clear of the vicar, I'll jingle me testicles for you.

December 25th 2022

Chapter 137. Take me down to the Jam City

December 19th 2022

Chapter 136. I'll see if I can detune my organ.

December 12th 2022

Chapter 135. Four Million Chord Changes to Warsaw

December 5th 2022

Items available on the h Natural tour

December 3rd 2022
Items available on the current h Natural tour and also at

Oxford Xmas gig live-stream

December 2nd 2022
I shall be live-streaming my Xmas gig from Oxford on the 17th December. Tickets are now on sale. Hope you can join me!

Remember if you want to see any of my Xmas shows in person, there are still a few tickets left for the shows in Warsaw and Germany. Check out for details.

The Space Blurb -

H Natural returns to St John the Evangelist Church in Oxford, England for Steve Hogarth's annual festive feast of music, chat and baubles. For the third year H is live-streaming the show, so welcome, wherever you may be, a week before Christmas.

Your live ticket will allow you to watch the show again once the stream has ended*

If you can't join h on the night then you will be able to watch the show once the stream has ended*

The h natural live stream costs £15.00 for all customers. It is not included as part of a Space subscription.

The live broadcast will begin at 7pm UK time with a holding screen.

The show will begin at 8pm UK time

* Please allow a little time for the show to be encoded once we finish broadcasting before it is available to rewatch. Thank you.

Chapter 134. Ear tunnels, tattoos and very quizzical looks.

November 28th 2022

Chapter 133. With a kick like Seb Coe, coming around the final bend...

November 21st 2022

Chapter 132. I could see you in a chainmail c@ck-piece

November 14th 2022

Chapter 131. Smoking a spliff round at Vlads place.

November 7th 2022

Chapter 130. Jamming toward, rather than jamming away.

October 31st 2022

Tightening it up when it's a little loose, and softening it when it's a little stiff.

October 24th 2022

Chapter 128. It was very, difficult sand.

October 17th 2022

Chapter 127. Either the fourth or the fifth time of asking.

October 10th 2022

Chapter 126. A stones throw from Tampers Wheel

October 3rd 2022

Chapter 125. Cheeriogarth

September 26th 2022

Chapter 124. Turns out Lord B had it wrong all along.

September 19th 2022

Chapter 123. Follow me into the Rainbow Room

September 12th 2022

Chapter 122. It sounded like he had a church organ in his trousers.

September 5th 2022

Chapter 121. But it’s race-week...

August 29th 2022

Chapter 120: More like dysfunctional brothers really.

August 22nd 2022

Chapter 119. The podcast, after the podcast, after the night before.

August 15th 2022

Chapter 118: Ready, Set (list), Go

August 8th 2022

Chapter 117. The Essence of h (Part Two)

August 1st 2022

Chapter 116. The Essence of h (Part One)

July 25th 2022

Chapter 115. Nobody expects a Rotisserie Chicken (thanks for that Drew)

July 18th 2022

Chapter 114. I often listen better with my eyes.

July 11th 2022

Chapter 113. Navel poking is a definite no-no

July 4th 2022

Chapter 112. Cut yourself some slack, but don't spend too long in the hammock

June 27th 2022

Chapter 111. I was anticipating a slap-up birthday lunch, and I ended up with a sausage.

June 20th 2022

Chapter 110. Have you seen me God socks Ian?

June 13th 2022

Chapter 109. As we bid farewell to Lester.

June 6th 2022

h Natural December shows

June 3rd 2022
Hello bad world.
I'm pleased to announce h Natural December shows this year in Poland, Germany and UK. Me, a Christmas tree, a piano and no small amount of Christmas spirit (some of it in bottles).
Dec 3 Warsaw, Poland
Dec 9 Bonn, Germany
Dec 11 Bochum, Germany
Dec 13 Hamburg, Germany
Dec 17 Oxford, UK
German tickets on sale now:
Tickets for Poland and Oxford will be on sale soon. and I will post the link when I have them.

Chapter 108. Stockholm Syndrome

May 30th 2022

Chapter 107. You can’t leave that sofa there mate.

May 23rd 2022

Chapter 106. That Tim B has a proper glow about him.

May 16th 2022

Chapter 105. Channelling your inner Zammo...

May 9th 2022

Chapter 104. Carry on and we're all f*cked

May 2nd 2022

Chapter 103. You will never see a solitary gnome.

April 25th 2022

Chapter 102. He doesn't seem to be like the others...

April 18th 2022

Chapter 101. If you don't stop, you can't fail.

April 11th 2022

Chapter 100. A Real World example of Waft.

April 4th 2022

Chapter 99. Your own, perspex, Jesus.

March 28th 2022

Chapter 98. An Hour Before It's Dark Q&A LIVE (Part Two)

March 21st 2022

Chapter 97. An Hour Before It's Dark Q&A LIVE (Part One)

March 14th 2022

Chapter 96. A Spaceman came travelling...

March 7th 2022

Chapter 95. Does your bus driver stop so you can make a snowball?

February 28th 2022

Chapter 94. Twelve thousand to go in Blackburn, Lancashire.

February 21st 2022

Chapter 93. And it just looks like a huge piece of glass sitting in a bandstand.

February 14th 2022

Chapter 92. Chocolate Ears

February 7th 2022

Chapter 91. When Dave had that look, I knew I was in trouble.

January 31st 2022

Chapter 90. Tales of a childhood nemesis.

January 24th 2022

Chapter 89. Bob Harris, Alexander Fleming or the keyboard player from the Who

January 17th 2022

Chapter 88. Do you know the name of your DPD driver?

January 10th 2022

Chapter 87. Christmas B*llocks

December 25th 2021

Chapter 86. You can almost spot the join.

December 20th 2021

16th December 2021 - h Natural Oxford / Livestream UPDATE

December 16th 2021
Hello (yet again) folks,
This is just a note to say that Government restrictions now dictate that anyone coming to my Christmas h Natural show at St John's Church, Oxford on December 18 is respectfully requested to take a lateral-flow test on the morning of the show, and to be advised that the church has asked all those attending to wear a mask at all times, including whilst seated during the performance.
I think I'm exempt... but watch this space...
Sorry - but we're back in a vortex! Let's party like it's 1999 an operating theatre.
It's gonna be weirder for me, I've got to look at you lot!
Love and isolation,
A (repeated) note from the Racket Staff - if you have purchased a ticket for the livestream ( then please note that the link to watch the show will be available in your Marillion Online Account from the morning of 18 December.
You can login to your account via - if you have already purchased (or when you do purchase) a livestream ticket then you should see a purple box with details of your order on the left of the screen. This box will be updated on Saturday to include the link.

Chapter 85. It's brown, with antlers and a repertoire of two.

December 13th 2021

Chapter 84. Unleash the Swoop

December 6th 2021

H Natural Livestream 2021 Tickets now on sale!

November 30th 2021
Tickets for my December 18th livestream are now on sale:

Chapter 83. Pass me the Russell Hobbs, I need to record this weeks TCD.

November 29th 2021

Chapter 82. I don't give a s@#t that you're Cher...

November 22nd 2021

Chapter 81. I could have been a wrestler.

November 15th 2021

Chapter 80. Dropping the aitch...

November 8th 2021

Chapter 79. A couple of rough things I must throw down.

November 1st 2021

Chapter 78. It's an odd feeling to be in the middle of a city without shoes.

October 25th 2021

Chapter 77. Don't go messing with mi vibe.

October 18th 2021

Chapter 76. Saddled with intellectual heft.

October 11th 2021

Chapter 75. You're not putting those three tablas in my bunk.

October 4th 2021

Chapter 74. Flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

September 27th 2021

Chapter 73. Deckchairs? In December?

September 20th 2021

Christmas h Natural show at St John The Evangelist Church

September 14th 2021
I am delighted to announce that I will be playing my traditional Christmas h Natural show at St John The Evangelist Church, Iffley Road, Oxford on Saturday 18th December this year. Tickets to attend the concert are now on sale along with tickets to view the simultaneous livestream. If you can't get to the church on the night then you can always stay home, open the sherry and watch on YouTube. It will be great to welcome you all back - we can dress the tree and perhaps share a Christmas tipple to celebrate the feast of Stephen (well Steve h anyway). Come and watch a man playing piano whilst wearing mittens and singing his favourite tunes from the heart.
Tickets for the livestream will follow later.

Chapter 72. murmur, murmur...Marillion, murmur, murmur...Vocalista

September 13th 2021

Chapter 71. Mablethorpe, Venezuelans, Ski-ing Fleas and the Tutankhamun Teabag.

September 6th 2021

Chapter 70. Between You and Me

August 30th 2021

Chapter 69. You may never get the 'real' answer to your question Jacob...

August 23rd 2021

Episode 68. Cor blimey, Trousers!

August 16th 2021

Chapter 67. Real Men

August 9th 2021

Chapter 66. Could you spell 'Orangutan' for me please Mr Hoggarth?

August 2nd 2021

Chapter 65. A Chastity Belt of solid Gaffa tape.

July 26th 2021

Chapter 64. Books, Drugs & Manhattan

July 19th 2021

Chapter 63. How do you think the Skunk would feel about that?

July 12th 2021

Chapter 62. One Solitary Crouton

July 5th 2021

Chapter 61. Riffling through me skip.

June 28th 2021

Chapter 60. If they could finish Apocalypse Now, then we can finish this...

June 21st 2021

Chapter 59. We need more Old Bangers.

June 14th 2021

Chapter 58. The perfect vocal (take two).

June 7th 2021

Chapter 57. Amsterdam, Scotland.

May 31th 2021

Chapter 56. Communication Breakdown

May 24th 2021

Chapter 55. Making a new racket, just around the corner.

May 17th 2021

Chapter 54. A tale of two shows.

May 10th 2021

Chapter 53. He doesn't know his Aztec from his Inca

May 3rd 2021

Chapter 52. Friday Night Live

April 26th 2021

Chapter 51. Sister Act (Part 2)

April 19th 2021

Chapter 50. Sister Act (Part 1)

April 12th 2021

Chapter 49. Pass the mushrooms, hombre.

April 5th 2021

Chapter 48. I thought you were supposed to be a big time rock'n'roll band?

March 29th 2021

Chapter 47. Flouncing around in a big shirt.

March 22nd 2021

Chapter 46. And he's been a day behind ever since...

March 15th 2021

Chapter 45. Always remember to say thank you, if somebody buys you lunch.

March 8th 2021

Chapter 44. We will always have Paris.

March 1st 2021

Chapter 43. I may (or may not) be still on the shelf.

February 22nd 2021

Chapter 42. Lyrically Speaking (Part 2).

February 15th 2021

Christmas Live Stream

February 12th 2021
Happy Friday folks! Everyone has asked when the Xmas livestream can be experienced again, so the after-Christmas-elves have been busy pulling it together for a soon-to-be-released DVD.
BUT I'm happy to announce that it's available to rent at Marillion's "The Space" on-demand pages right now. Go to
Stay tuned for the DVD announcement in the coming weeks...
Mr h x

Chapter 41. Lyrically Speaking (Part 1).

February 8th 2021

Chapter 40. The one where Dave Gregory showed up.

February 1st 2021

Chapter 39. This is literally How We Live

January 25th 2021

Chapter 38. Nostra-Hogarth (Pt.2)

January 18th 2021

Chapter 37. Nostra-Hogarth (Pt.1)

January 11th 2021

Chapter 36. One hand in the Quality Street tin at all times.

January 4th 2021

Chapter 35. It's only natural.

December 14th 2020

Chapter 34. The Invited Guest

December 14th 2020

Chapter 33. Brave, it certainly is...

December 7th 2020

Chapter 32. Does my bum look small in this?

November 30th 2020

H Natural Livestream - 19th December 2020 7pm

November 24th 2020
Hello Everyone,
After a year without walking onto a stage, and with no chance of being together with you all this year I decided I should find a way to make a Christmas show for us all.

Unfortunately St. John's Oxford are unable to welcome the public during the current restrictions but suggested I might consider a live-stream.

So then I got to thinking... and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it must happen!

I will be playing songs in church, at the Steinway Piano, as the mood takes me, in the usual fashion.

Audience feedback will be via Facebook and Lucy Jordache will be presiding over your comments along with Ant Short. The show will include a short-ish Corona Diaries Live Podcast where Ant and I discuss your questions and I attempt to throw light on them.

Also a short reading from the diary.

I will have to dress my own tree (boo) and drink my own tequila (even more bum chords than usual).

Tim Sidwell will set up the cameras and the live stream so it will look good. Steve Finch will provide lights, so it will be pretty. Phil Brown will mix the broadcast sound so it will sound wonderful. And I will be listening out for your thoughts, comments and, dare I say it, requests.

If you can't make it to the live stream on the night, the link will remain live for 48 hours to give everyone time to be "at" the show when they are able.

Tickets are available to the WORLD priced £12.00 each. If you're planning to watch with family or friends, you can support the show by purchasing a family ticket for £18.00

Single Ticket -
Family Ticket -

And if you're still struggling for a stocking filler as well as Marillion's excellent baubles and the goodies in the Racket shop, there are a few cool little things at the new TCD shop.

See here -

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and hopeful Christmas

mr h

Chapter 31. Do you fancy going out on the road, Dave?

November 23rd 2020

Chapter 30. This is the 21st Century (as predicted by Steve H)

November 16th 2020

The Corona Diaries Store

November 14th 2020
Hello everyone. I have produced some new goodies to celebrate The Corona Diaries. Available now via the TCD Shop. NOW OPEN.

Chapter 29. The ten weirdest things, that have happened to me (Part 2).

November 9th 2020

Chapter 28. The ten weirdest things, what have happened to me.

October 26th 2020

Chapter 27. What, no Crowded House?!

October 26th 2020

Chapter 26. The Rigorous Vocal Regime

October 19th 2020

Chapter 25. I know, it's only rock'n'roll.

October 12th 2020

Chapter 24. Seasons Extras

October 5th 2020

Chapter 23. I can't possibly make you breakfast darling...not in this lobster bib!

September 28th 2020

Chapter 22. Berlin, Lobsters, Valkyries, Minibar Parties.

September 21st 2020

Chapter 21. What do you call a dog who works in a Post Office?

September 14th 2020

Chapter 20. The one that was broadcast live... (Couch Convention Special 2020)

September 9th 2020

Chapter 19. That was the week that was.

August 31st 2020

Chapter 18. The most victorious salad I ever ate...

August 24th 2020

Chapter 17. You Phil up my senses.

August 17th 2020

Chapter 16. Lets talk about Fish

August 10th 2020

Chapter 15. Gabriel, Glasgow & Gangsters

August 3rd 2020

Chapter 14. Under the Covers with h...

July 27th 2020

Chapter 13. It's literally The Last Thing that I was thinking about.

July 20th 2020

Chapter 12. Corona on the Couch! (& End-of-Tour Parties)

July 13th 2020

Chapter 11. The Sound of Genius (in fancy dress)

July 6th 2020

Chapter 10. Duran Duran's Guitar & Harrison Ford's Mouth

June 29th 2020

Chapter 9. Estonia

June 22nd 2020

Chapter 8. Ice Cream Genius and "Have you got a gun under that coat?"

June 15th 2020

Chapter 7. Better Dreams?

June 8th 2020

Chapter 6. Gear and serial killers.

June 1st 2020

Chapter 5. Holidays in Eden Tour memories, Previous Bands

May 25th 2020

Chapter 4. Trevor Horn, Dishwashers, Boy George, Iggy Pop, Princess Stephanie of Monaco

May 18th 2020

Chapter 3. The Worlds Greatest Case-Study

May 11th 2020

Chapter 2. Proper Prog Credentials

May 3rd 2020

Chapter 1. This Strange Podcast

April 27th 2020

The Corona Diaries

April 24th 2020
Hello campers! I'll be live for a q&a session this afternoon on Instagram. Lord - it took Covid19 to get me going, and now I've gone into frenzy.
I'll launch this Podcast "The Corona Diaries" next Monday, but in the meantime... here's The Prologue to give you a feel of what's coming...
Stay safe and well, and go easy in the bad world.
Thanks to Ant Short and the ever brilliant Mark Bredius.
Seizure later. 4pm British Hogarthtime to be exact.

Message from h

March 24th 2020
Wow! Looks like we've all got time on our hands at the moment...
Lucy tells me there are a few people out there pretending to be ME on Instagram! Who'da thunk it?! So it seemed like a good time to start an Instagram thing myself and pretend to be me, myself. So, no doubt you social-media-savvy clever-clogs will already know that I'm at stevehogarthonline and posting pictures of stuff - mostly myself. Well, I'm a singer and they're all egomanics aren't they?

And it doesn't stop there either. I have a plan to launch a podcast too!! My mate Anthony Short keeps popping over and interviewing me. He likes to get me rapping about all sorts of random stuff and it's been quite good fun. As well as the random chat, I'm reading from the diary and trying to get a kind of "audio-book-in-bits" going. It's all early days and we're making it up as we go along but I thought I'd let you know it's on its way and something else to look out for...

Stay safe and try not to go stir-crazy...


Message from h

February 26th 2020
Hello everyone,

Marillion have been in the studio daily since the beginning of the year, jamming and putting down the initial "happy accidents" which will eventually lead to album number nineteen (I had to look it up!) Every day has yielded up something interesting and I don't think I've ever felt more relaxed at this stage in the writing process. Good stuff. Our signed "Friends" prints have raised over 10,000 euros for the "Hope Flowers" school. That's totally incredible! Thank you all. x

Yesterday we were proud to welcome Harry Dunn's family for a tour of our studio. You may or may not know about Harry's tragic and controversial death in a road accident last year. Having lived myself for many years in Charlton, Northants I had already met Harry's mum, Charlotte, in the local pub some years ago. Radd Seiger (an American himself) who has volunteered to represent the family, was my next door neighbour and I'm actually Godfather to one of his children! It's strange how things sometimes fall into your lap. Radd called me last weekend and told me that Harry's brothers Michael and Ciaran were Marillion fans and musicians so I invited everyone over. I hope we managed to spread a little bit of good feeling and, if only for an hour, ease their pain.

I'm feeling a little sensitive about being seen as "the political one" in the band. My politics are nothing to do with this - I'm simply hoping you'll click on the link below, read the story and empathise with the tragedy and injustice this bereaved and lovely family has had to endure for many months now. I'll need say no more.

One love

Message from h

January 14th 2020
Hello everyone,
It looks like you all raised upwards of €8ooo for Hope Flowers over Christmas. Thank you for contributing. Pat yourself on the back and feel warm and happy. You've done something lovely and you should be proud of yourself.
8k considerably beats the 6k target and my mates in Marillion and I will quietly add to it to ensure Hope Flowers muddles along a little while longer under very challenging circumstances.
Well done everyone and, if all this didn't get onto your radar yet, you can always help here.

Thank you again

Please make a small Christmas donation to Hope Flowers School, Bethlehem

Message from h

December 19th 2019
Oh little town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie
Above your deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars drift by
Yet in the dark streets shining
An everlasting light
So might it be a light that shines
On all of us tonight?

Oh little town of Bethlehem
We live in troubled times
When beasts and thieves quote holy books
To justify their crimes
It seems they have forgotten
We're all of us the same
We're all of us but one small child
With different faiths and names

Oh holy child of Bethlehem
Descend to us we pray
Remind us all that God is love
Remind us every day
And let all children play in peace
Where no one builds a wall
Where soldiers cannot hurt them
And no more bombs will fall

Oh holy child of Bethlehem
And every place on earth
We all have been this miracle
The miracle of birth
We too are Christmas angels
We too are that bright light
Let's promise now to live in love
Tonight and every night

Oh little town of Bethlehem
Could we be free at last
Let's open our hearts to the world
Forgive what's in the past
Let mutual suspicion be banished for all time
The greatest gift we all could give
Goodwill to all mankind.

Trad./ Hogarth

Message from h

December 18th 2019
Amazing tour! I just got home. Please read on...

A Christmas present for Bethlehem, Hello everyone. I ask you again to try and find a few pounds to make a Christmas present for the Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem - a school healing and teaching young children to live in peace. Hope Flowers is doing great work in very difficult circumstances and desperately needs whatever support - however small - you can give.
I will personally be helping, and Marillion also have plans to raise some money.

With the love of our family, we can rise above anything.

Happy Christmas to all!

Message from h

October 30th 2019
Greets from Liverpool!
Great to be in this barmy city again. We've been rehearsing with Sam, Emma, Nicole, Maia, Meg and Annemie in preparation for our forthcoming tour which begins on Friday at Liverpool Philharmonic. I was abused last night by a character on the street who took exception to me using my iPhone and called me a poser! I was saying goodnight to my wife! Hysterical. Liverpool's got an energy for sure and much of it is crazy. I love it. Rehearsals are going well and the spirit amongst band, additional musicians and crew is one to be envied.
See you soon, if you're catching a show.
One love

Message from h

October 11th 2019
Hello. Lord above! Two posts in a week! (sorry I'm so crap at all this!)
Thanks to those who showed up for the John Lennon birthday gig on Wednesday at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was for War Child and owing to several mix up's and untogethernesses I'm not sure that anyone had the chance to donate.
So whether you were there or just wished you had been, check out the link below and please send something. Spare a thought for all those poor kids in Syria right now.
Love and hope in a seemingly hopeless world

Dear John

October 7th 2019
Very happy to be part of this. Come to the show on Wednesday - all in aid of War Child - details in the video.

John Lennon Concert Announcement

October 5th 2019
Hello loves,
I will be singing a couple of John Lennon songs at this event on Wednesday night in the new Hard Rock Hotel, Marble Arch, London. It's for the War Child charity. Pop in if you're passing :o]

Message from h

August 3rd 2019
Greetings Pop-pickers,
Well, my romp through 80's pop stardom ends this evening in Nottingham when I'll play my concluding show with 80's legendary artist and genius producer Trevor Horn. What a lovely band he has assembled! It would take me all morning to list them and enthuse about their playing and spirit. Somehow Trevor has had his pick of band members from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, 10CC, Seal, Bee Gees, George Michael, Argent, err.. Marillion, and that's just for starters! Everyone has been good natured and very appreciative of my howling which has given my confidence such a boost considering they're all "top of the cone" characters themselves. I hope I can do it again some time.
By day, Marillion have been in the studio jamming and good accidents (from which the next album will be written) are happening daily so out tails are up!
I'll disappear to Norway on holiday soon (with chums from Gazpacho) and then remain studio-bound for the rest of the summer and Autumn before getting back together live with our fabulous sextet of classical players in November.
Have a great summer y'all.

Message from h

July 16th 2019
Hello all,
Just got back from Guadalajara after my Latin American solo jaunt. Pretty intense and gruelling stuff (no days off, entire airlines vanishing in Argentina, untold baggage-handling eccentricities and, upon my return to England, my car breaking down on the M4!) but fabulous audiences who gave me so much love and appreciation. If you caught one, thanks for being there. I'm now recovering, trying to absorb the jet-lag and get my ducks in a row for the return to the studio with Marillion and a brief UK tour with genius producer Trevor Horn and his amazing band.


June 19th 2019
Hello all you fabulous Latin Americans!!
I'm coming to South America and Mexico to play naked! Don't panic, I'll be wearing clothes, but it's me, a microphone, a piano and a bunch of friends... YOU, if you like!
An intimate evening of music, chat, and possibly tequila. It will be exquisite.

City, Sao Paulo
Date. July 01
Venue: Teatro Opus
Sales link.

City, Rio de Janeiro
Date. July 02
Venue: Theatro NET Rio
Sales link.

City, Cordoba
Date. July 4th
Venue: Teatro Teatriz
Sales link.

City, Buenos Aires
Date. July 6th
Venue: Teatro ND
Sales link.

City, Santiago
Date. July 8th
Venue: Teatro Nescafe de las Artes
Sales link.

City, Mexico City
Date. July 10th
Venue: Sala Puebla
Sales link.

City. Guadalajara
Date. July 12th
Venue. C3 Stage
Sales link.

Message from H

May 14th 2019
Hello you beauties,
Greetings from Montreal. Thank you for the birthday messages on my guestbook. Made my sleepy jet-lagged morning. I'm missing home already but I'm certainly not short of love.
Arcs of light between insulated things ...that could light up the world.
Love and hugs
Mr h

The Invisible Man Diaries Back In Print

October 5th 2018
Happy to announce that my diaries are back in print! They are available in their original Vol 1 and Vol 2 formats from Racket at
If you've ever wondered what it's like to be me, here it is...

Message from h

September 27th 2018
I'm chuffed to announce that my gig at the Nantwich Words and Music Festival next Tuesday has sold out, along with the h Natural Christmas show at St Eustache Church, Paris. There are still a few tickets left for the following festive occasions. Fancy a Christmas show in Gdansk? Or Copenhagen? It'll be chilly.
Failing that, there's Oxford's beautiful St Johns Church.

Bring a bauble and snow boots...

Stary Manez Concert Hall, Gdansk, Poland on Saturday 15th December,Steve_Hogarth_,pid,3,oid,2,cid,271.html#ticketsM

St John the Evangelist Church Oxford on Tuesday 18th December

Hofteatret Christiansborg Slot, Copenhagen, Denmark 22nd December

Message from h

September 11th 2018
Greets from the 31st floor in Osaka!
Here for 3 Marillion shows. The Japanese people are fabulous. Love em.
We came in on Sunday so we could absorb the jet leg pre show. Killing time and writing the new diary. Here comes volume 3...
If you're anywhere near the middle of England, perhaps I'll see you at St Mary's Church, Nantwich on the 9th October for a festival of literature and music...
Should be an interesting evening. Any requests can be left at my h Guestbook...
Sayonara loves

Message from h

July 25th 2018
Well - what a scorching summer we're having!
The gig with Richard Barbieri and Isildurs Bane in Loreley was most enjoyable. Also, my impromptu appearance with the Trevor Horn band last week went very well. It was great to see Lol Creme again and re-connect with the amazing Luis Jardim (the world's no. 1 percussionist imho) who had played on Ice Cream Genius back in the "dim n'distant"
A killer band, and some heavy duty singers. All very nice people.
Off to France at the weekend for Rock au Chateau...
Toodle pip...
(pic below shows Luis with Dave Gregory, producer Craig Leon and yours truly...)

Message from h

July 13th 2018
Greeting from the west coast of Sweden. I'm currently rehearsing with Isildurs Bane at their studio in Halmstad before climbing onto a tour-bus tomorrow for the long drive to Loreley. We will perform the whole of "Colours Not Found in Nature" on Sunday night when we headline The Night of the Prog festival. We will also perform "Red Kite", "Ghosts", and for the first time, "Arc Light" with Richard Barbieri. I'm really looking forward to it. Darlings! Come to Germany! You'll either be there, or you'll have to know you weren't there... forever.

Message from h

June 25th 2018
Greetings from Eindhoven! Nice here. I just watched the last cloud fade away.
An amazing atmosphere in Utrecht last night. Thank you to all who came and radiated the love. I was feeling it.

My diaries "The Invisible Man" are currently being reprinted in the original 2 volume format. I have parted company with Miwk publishing and so the diaries will be produced on my own "Poison Apple" label and will be for sale at Racket very soon. An announcement to follow soon so stay tuned.

h headlining Sunday night of "Night of the Prog"

June 13th 2018
Delighted to announce that I'll be headlining the Sunday night of "Night of the Prog" (at Loreley, Germany on July 15) along with Isildursbane and Richard Barbieri. Isildursbane and I will perform the entire "Colours Not Found In Nature" album (which I co-wrote and sang) along with selected songs from Hogarth Barbieri collaborations, "Not the Weapon but the Hand" and "Arc Light" releases. I heard a rumour that RB is considering playing Japan's "Ghosts" too. This is a very rare chance to see these works performed live and I commend it to the world!
Isildursbane are in themselves a rare thing to witness as they are not just a rock band, but also a chamber orchestra, complete with strings, percussion, brass and woodwind. Richard B is a genius, as we all know. Now you wouldn't want to miss THAT, would you?


Message from h

June 10th 2018
Thanks to all who came to my show in Warsaw last weekend. I was given the very warmest welcome from the Poles and it was good to see some old friends. Apologies for my dodgy piano playing - always a risk when accepting random requests and trying new things. Special thanks to Rafal and Anna for returning my glasses! I have three Xmas dates to be announced very soon...
Love and handstands

Message from h

May 14th 2018
Hello everyone,
It's my birthday and I see the felicitous messages are already appearing on the guestbook. You really are a gorgeous bunch. Thank you thank you. I'm having a quiet day at home on my own. The sun's shining and the sky is blue. Woo hoo. Mosley sent me a HBD email this morning pointing out that according to Wiki, my net worth is $16 million. So that's fantastic! All I have to do now is find out where it is and get my hands on it!
Toodleoo from the birthday boy.

Message from h

May 1st 2018
Greetings from the waiting room in Tyre Warehouse, Brackley. Nothing going on so thought I'd scribble.
The Marillion UK tour went really well. Ticket sales, vibe and the reaction on social media were all terrific. No one in band or crew went to hospital and I managed not to fall off anything and came through it physically and (in as much as one can) mentally unscathed. Happy days!
Now I'm back to a combination of "real life" and running to the studio for band jams and meetings. It's very real here at the Tyre Warehouse. The telly's on in the waiting room - one of those mid-morning programs about buying and selling houses - accompanied by the thrumping and whizzing of pneumatic wheel-nut removing tools in the workshop. Once I get out of here I'm off to the studio for a production meeting to address the visual aspects of next year's Marillion conventions. We need plenty of time to prepare and program these shows and we can't begin too soon. I'll be scrumming down with a team of "creatives", sound engineers, movie-makers and designers while Lucy worries in the corner trying to keep the reins on the budget. We have a team of terrific talent and terrific characters, so I'm looking forward to it.
I have a couple of solo shows across the summer/autumn:
Date City Venue Tickets
Friday 1 June 2018 Warsaw, Poland Progresja TICKETS HERE
Tuesday 9 October 2018 Nantwich, UK St Mary's Church TICKETS HERE
Looking forward to Warsaw which was great last time, and also very much to St Mary's Church in Nantwich - part of the Words and Music Festival - a celebration of music and poetry which has already previously welcomed the artists listed below. Should be a craich...

Badly Drawn Boy, Mike Scott, Therapy?, Stornaway, Athlete, Seth Lakeman, Eddi Reader, The Lightning Seeds, The Magic Numbers, John Cooper Clarke, Gruff Rhys, Carol Ann Duffy, Barry Cryer, I Am Kloot, Don Paterson, Fyfe Dangerfield, Tim Burgess, Tom Robinson Band, Simon Armitage, King Creosote, Mary Gauthier, Mark Radcliffe, Barry Cryer, Eliza Carthy, Maddy Prior

I have 3 Christmas shows in the offing which I'll be announcing soon too.
Toodleoo, loves,

"Real" h   :o]

Message from h

April 10th 2018
Greetings from Gateshead where I am enjoying a quiet day off. The bloodyenglishweather's rotten so no need to go out really. We were turfed out of bed at 3 am to get on a ferry last night, and it was a further 3 hours before we arrived in Hollyhead and could return to "our fast moving beds" so I'm a bit sleepy.

Thanks to all who came to our shows in Belfast and Dublin. It was good for the soul to walk your streets again. I left my sunglasses in the Crown Bar, Belfast and no one nicked em. And I, of course, raised a quiet glass to William Butler Yeats in The Palace Bar, Dublin before returning to sound check at Vicar Street.
Great vibes both nights. Congrats all on the anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement. Long may the peace reign supreme in the island of Ireland.

Following Leanne's message on my guest book, I can tell y'all that there is a Kindle version of The Invisible Man Diaries on Amazon, but if you want hard copies, we are in the process of reprinting these in their original volume 1&2 form and these should be available from Racket later in the year.
See you soon.
I will make some more announcements about h Natural gigs later in the year. Maybe later this week!
Go easy...
Spring really IS coming... allegedly.
Love and handstands

Message from h

April 1st 2018
Happy Easter folks. As a kid, my family didn't make too much of a fuss about Easter, but now I'm married to Linette and the Danes get a bit more into it so there's decorations about the house. Rabbits and eggs and spring flowers. I reckon all this imagery is a bit more pagan than Christian but that suits me as I'm essentially a worshipper of the sun and nature. Some would argue that's only true if I can watch it through the window of a cocktail bar, but you get the drift.
So whatever your religion, or idea of a good weekend is, I hope you have one.
Peace be upon you and on the earth.

Message from h

March 15th 2018
Hello all
I'm playing h Natural at a club called Progresja in Warsaw on June 1. Come to Poland! Warsaw's well worth a look.

Good gawd!
In the process of signing 4000 postcards to go in the Brave special edition. Repetitive strain here we come... I've been at it all day Monday and not even half way through. It's a hard life being famous. Or to put it another way... it's a good job we're not more famous! Does anyone know where I can buy a rubber stamp?

Message from h

March 7th 2018
Well the snow's gone! My shameless appeals for guestbook messages seems to be paying off. Thanks for the latest influx from the USA. It WAS a good little tour, wasn't it? I've been upstairs at home trying out compressors. They're the thing that recording engineers put audio through to make their signal path more manageable. They can also improve and effect the recorded sound immeasurably. I'm currently digging the gear designed by Igor Sobczyk at IGS Audio. Sorry to come across all muso on you all, but if you are a musician or audio engineer, it's damnably good stuff. More soon, loves...

Message from h

March 3rd 2018
Wow! We had a lot of snow here in the village, thanks apparently, to "the Beast from the East". Personally, I'm all for it. Even though our heating exploded and the toilets froze and backed up, I quite like the fact that a good freeze causes all kinds of mayhem and adventures. I actually found myself RUNNING to the pub the other night - not because I was desperate to get there (which is, occasionally, true) but because the snow had brought out "the excited dog thing" in me.
Last Friday we all got back from Texas. I had never been to Texas and arrived in anticipation of cowboys and dust. It was raining, chilly and I think I saw one cowboy hat in 3 days, and that was in the airport. Nonetheless we had some cracking shows in parts of the US we haven't previously played so thanks to anyone who parted with their "hard-earned" to attend our shows. From what I've heard on social media everyone seemed as happy with the gigs as we were and finishing in Dallas was, for me, a highlight.

Maybe see you in April in the UK. We have a new setlist planned...
Leave a message on my guestbook if you will. I really enjoy reading them.
I will issue news on forthcoming h gigs in a bit...

Message from h

23rd December 2017
And so this is Christmas! Hooray!
Thank you everyone for one of the best years of my life. I'm very grateful to you all. Let's finish it in style.

What better Christmas present could we have than to send something to enable peace in Bethlehem?
I made a private vow to send myself a Christmas present each year. This is in the form of a donation to Hope Flowers school in Bethlehem. This year I sent the profit from my Liverpool gig.

Hope Flowers promotes peace and understanding, and educates, and feeds underprivileged kids in Bethlehem. I can't think of a better cause at Christmas time.
Any donation goes straight to the school. No middlemen take anything from the money.
If you read this, please help me by sending whatever small amount you may have to spare. Think of it as buying yourself a TRUE Christmas present.

And may the true spirit of Christmas glow in your heart and eyes. (Yeah! I can see it already...)

One Love

h Natural in Liverpool

1st October 2017
Good morning Naturalists.
I am happy to announce one last addition to my end-of-year solo doings.
On Friday December 1 I will play Liverpool's

Christ Church, Toxteth Park :
Linnet Lane,
L17 3BG

Put me in your Advent calendar (in window number 1)
Bring a bauble and help me dress the tree.

h Natural tour for 2017

16th September 2017
Hello everyone!
I'm happy to announce a new h Natural tour for 2017. Please check dates in the "Tour" section. I look forward to seeing you again. Bring a bauble for my Christmas tree and I'll bring the drink!

While you're here, would you read this please...

A few years ago after releasing STCBM which, of course included our "controversial" song, Gaza, I ran into, and became good friends with an Israeli called Oren Hertz. As a young man, he found himself in uniform with a gun in his hand, patrolling Gaza. He wanted to say a few words to you about a great cause we both believe in:

Hello everyone,
My name is Oren Hertz. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but I was born and raised in Israel.
All Israeli citizens are mandated to serve in the Israeli military.
During my military service, I was exposed, unfortunately, to the grim ongoing situation in the occupied territories.

Please know that the purpose of my statement is not intended to spark a political debate. The purpose of this statement is to expose everyone to the Hope Flowers school. This is a school which was set up for poor kids with a mission to teach empathy and reconciliation. The idea was to bring Palestinians and Israelis together. While not all Palestinian and Israeli kids can attend this school due to the political climate, the school's ethos remains for those children who do attend. To my mind, any institution which tries to bring about peace and empathy at such a grass-roots level is a good thing.
I have seen the conflict first hand. I grew up in it. I was injured by an 11-year-old kid while serving as an Israeli soldier in Gaza. This kid had cultivated hatred in his eyes. Hatred that was bred towards Israeli soldiers. I guarantee you - this Palestinian kid was not born with hate in his heart.
I quickly came to realize that the rip between Israelis and Palestinians is, frankly, senseless. We are all brothers and sisters, and it is shameful that we argue over land and ideology. We can coexist!
But there's hope. Our hope is the next generation.
The Hope Flowers school does just that: educates both sides to love and tolerate our differences, bridge the gap, teach the next generation that nothing good comes from violence, and that love and compassion is the way of the future.
Please consider this great cause. Please consider giving hope to the future of my brothers and sisters. Give hope for the next generation. Our legacy, our actions today, will cultivate a better future to the next generation. Let us set an example.
I am immensely grateful for you taking the time to read this.
Kindest thanks, Oren Hertz
I'm indebted to Oren for sharing his perspectives.
Last year at a show in Holland I met a school teacher called Sarina Hoogendam who first told me about HOPE FLOWERS, the struggle that The Hope Flowers school has to get through each day. Money is very tight. Marillion contributed some money through our charity collections this year at Port Zelande and I have also donated the proceedings of an h show. It's truly magical to do a Christmas gig for a school in Bethlehem and I intend to make it an annual thing.

So could you all do me a little favour - would you have a look at the link below? Hope Flowers are trying to raise the money for a badly needed water-treatment plant. The crowdfunding for the water treatment plant started last week. An English company, ARUP, designed it and supports the building of it at low costs. (Get in!).

People also can go to

Please donate a small (or, if you're feeling flush, not so small) amount and help these deprived and troubled children grow up with empathy and peace in their hearts..
Initiatives like Hope Flowers, no matter how fraught with practical and financial problems, are precious and can truly make a difference in the world.

Thanks, loves.
See you soon...


1st April 2017
You can write, but I won't reply..
Well, sometimes I do!
Thanks for the messages of support, get well and "there there".
I'd like to say I'm pain-free after my fall from the stage in Holland last Sunday, but that's not err, quite true.
Put it this way - I can tell it happened (!), but with a steady combination of paracetemol, ibuprofen and tequila, I think I'll be serviceable for the upcoming Poland weekend.
The good news is I've been thoroughly checked out by the doc and luckily there are no serious injuries.
Everyone has been great in showing concern over me. It's very touching.
As we say in UK... "There is life in the old dog yet."

100 Club show on Febuary 12th now SOLD OUT!

8th February 2017

One-off h Natural show in London

5th January 2017
Something to look forward to after Christmas... again!
Happy New Year, loves.
I'm happy to announce a one-off h Natural show before what will be another busy year for Marillion.
It will take place at the 100 Club, Oxford St, London on Sunday 12th February.
For those of you unfamiliar with these evenings, they are organic affairs which are more-or-less free to go in any direction the audience takes them, so they're never the same twice.
I'm hoping to invite up a special guest or two this time.. (Woooo!.....)

h Natural double DVD

1st December 2016

I have been somewhat badgered lately by folk asking when there will be some new h Natural show downloads available?
Well, good news, and much better than that!

I am proud to announce a double DVD!
DVD 1 is the movie of the (now-legendary, so they tell me) solo concert and "one-night-only" collaboration with Italian band Ranestrane ("Strange Frog") in Rome on September 12, 2015. As you will see and hear, their musicianship and sensitivity for my music was breathtaking. It was an extraordinary night and I'm so happy we managed to capture it.

Along with DVD 1 is a bonus DVD of my Christmas show in the Museum of History, Stockholm, last year. A Gothic and moody affair, but not without moments of the bizarre - not least when the chap ambled up and put his fingers in my hair as I sang "This is the 21st Century".

Two very different evenings but each with their own atmospheres in two of the world's most precious cities.

Available to order from 12th December

Love and aquaducts,

h in your Pocket (if you're wearing a duffle coat)

16th November 2016
Volume 1 & 2 of "The Invisible Man" the h Diaries have been packaged together into one substantial paperback and this is now available to preorder at
Might make a handy, but lumpy stocking filler... or the perfect holiday read! See you in Sweden on Saturday 26th?...

h at IB Expo

30th October 2016
Hello Folks
Two years ago I had the pleasure of playing a show in Sweden called "The IB Expo" with Richard Barbieri and chamber-rock ensemble Isildurs Bane. It was a chance for Richard and I to perform our music with IB's band, strings, brass, and percussion. We performed "Red Kite" and "Naked", as I recall. I also sang the wonderful IB song "Eyes" which I would recommend you check out.

I was hoping to be asked at some point to return and repeat the experience and, this year, IB not only requested my return but invited me to collaborate in the writing of their forthcoming album "Off the Radar". In doing so, I wrote the lyrics and sang the lead vocals for what turned out to be most of the album. The album will be split into two movements. i "Off the Radar" and ii "Colours Not Found in Nature". The latter contains 5 separate songs within it. I will travel to Sweden to perform this with the band/orchestra in Halmstad on November 26 (the night before Marillion's show in Aylesbury). This will be the first time this music will see the light of day (or the dark of night) as the album will not be mixed until December for a release early next year. It will be available through Racket Records.
"Would be lovely to see you in Halmstad if you're passing..."


26 November IB Expo Kulturhuset Furuvägen 42 HALMSTAD
IB Expo:

h Natural Copenhagen

6th September 2016
h Natural Copenhagen. Saturday 24 September 2016
Ishøj Kultur Cafe, Ishøj, Denmark

Hello Naturalists. The Copenhagen Ishøj Kultur Cafe have agreed to open an area normally reserved for guests of the venue. This has freed-up a last few tickets. Beyond this the show will be sold out. Hope to see you there!

Hallo Naturalister. Ishøj Kultur Cafe har været så venlige at åbne et område af cafeen, som normalt er reserveret for gæster, da koncerten ellers er udsolgt. Dette betyder, at der nu er yderlige ganske få billetter sat til salg. Så skynd dig, hvis du vil sikre dig en billet!
Håber vi ses.

Message from h

23th May 2016
Hello Naturalaires!
I am happy to announce a freak h Natural happening in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 24 this year. Copenhagen's lovely (if you haven't been) and I'm not bad either (if you overlook my dodgy piano-playing and ageing body), so it could be a very nice weekend all round.
See you there as well as everywhere else with Marillion?..

Message from h

5th February 2016
Hello naturalizers, Well, I've done a fair few h natural shows now and, despite pre-show terrors, have enjoyed every single one. High points: Oslo crowd singing the "answer" vocal spontaneously during my ham-fisted attempt at Aha's "Take on Me", fabulous crowd vibes in Bonn, a great aftershow signing session in Utrecht, that bloke who put his hands in my hair throughout "This is the 21st Century" in Stockholm, the fans in the "cage" at St John's Church, Oxford, the first 'free tequila' evening ever in church in Liverpool and, just when I thought I'd finished, a bonus gig at the 100 Club, London where - strangely - I entered the zone and stayed there longer than I ever have. It was good to start with "Heroes" and end with "Life on Mars" for db. A zillion thanks to all who showed up to throw something into my Cage. I'm no longer starving - physically or spiritually. I'm swollen with, and by, your faith. That's me floating over your house right now.. :o]

h Gig at the legendary 100 Club

9th January 2016
Hello all you Naturists!
Huge thanks to everyone who came to my Christmas shows in Oslo, Bonn, Utrecht, Stockholm, Liverpool and Oxford. They were perhaps the most successful h Natural gigs to date - all 7 selling out. The vibe was throughly maintained and new traditions were born. Tequila!
I have received a number of comments lamenting the absence of a London show. I simply couldn't find the time to play London whilst maintaining my main priority (writing the next Marillion album) in the studio with the boys during the week.

HOWEVER.. I have been offered an evening at the legendary 100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London. I am proud and excited to announce:

Don't bring a bauble, bring a shot-glass ...and we'll let the New Year in, fashionably late.

Ticket link

h Noel

10th November 2015
Well, not long to my solo Xmas shows in December. I have titled it "The Family Tree" tour for obvious reasons. You are now more-or-less family, and, er... there'll be a tree.
For those unfamiliar with my traditions I invite you to bring a bauble and we'll dress the tree during the gig! All baubles are welcome although "home made" is always more festive.
See you soon,
Love peace and goodwill

Christmas Tour Sold Out!

15th September 2015
Looks like the Christmas tour is all sold out! Thank you loves and my apologies to those who missed it. Stay tuned for the soon to be announced show in Stockholm on Sunday December 13th. Details to follow soon.. Have a good Autumn, you crazy kids.. h xx
Love and light

Welcome to the new site!

15th September 2015
Welcome to the new site!
I hope you like the new design. We felt it was high time for a little change.

Huge thanks to the 500 folks who came to my "Strangely Natural" show in Rome on Saturday. There were sublime moments, and everyone afterwards seemed to have enjoyed the evening. I think we trapped the spark and held it there, at least for a while..
I must thank the musicians Riccardo, Maurizio, Massimo and Danny for their great generosity, attention to detail and spirit. You made an otherwise-interesting evening become occasionally transcendent. Bravo. What a pleasure for me.

My December shows are selling out one-by-one so if you would like to join me for an evening of Christmassy goodwill, there are a handful of tickets left for Oxford, Stockholm and Oslo. It would be great to see you, to share the vibe, to dress the tree and to enjoy being around each other.

Love and light

Message from h

29th June 2015
Every once in a while, a musician comes along who redefines the sound of a musical instrument and how it can be used in the making of art. Such people are true innovators and rare talents.
Chris Squire was just that. He brought his instrument - the bass - to the front of Yes's music and endowed it with fabulous rasping, grinding melodic tones normally reserved for lead instruments. I first heard his chromatic upward run at the intro of "Starship Trooper" on the groundbreaking "The Yes Album". It was playing at a party when I was 17 and it knocked me out. From then on I was listening...
I was fortunate to meet him last year on the "Cruise to the Edge" and I was a good deal more nervous than I look in this picture. He was a almost a foot taller than me and quite a daunting figure, in addition to the awe I was already in. A giant, physically and musically.
Another true great has left us behind.
Rest in peace, Chris

H (SUPER)NATURAL concert in Gibraltar

March 2nd 2015



Marillion frontman Steve Hogarth will return to Gibraltar for a unique concert that promises to be unlike any other of his solo performances. The incomparable setting of Saint Michael's Cave is the venue for a concert that has already attracted international interest, such is the anticipation for this special musical event taking place on Saturday 30th May.

The concert, announced today by promoters GibMedia, is fully supported by Gibraltar Cultural Services and HM Government of Gibraltar and has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the event's partners and main sponsors, Isolas and Fiduciary. In addition, the organisers are grateful to Gibtelecom, Lewis Stagnetto Limited, GibOil, Sovereign Group and Chesterton for sponsoring this event that forms part of the Gibraltar Spring Festival of Art and Culture.

Steve Hogarth - also known as ‘h' - is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician who has fronted the legendary Marillion for over 25 years, helping reinvigorate and constantly redefine the band's sound via a succession of inventive, emotional albums like "Brave", "Marbles", "Seasons End" or the more recent "Sounds That Can't Be Made". A vibrant musical force, to those who already love Marillion, they're something special; to everyone else they're a love affair waiting to happen.

Central to the appeal and success of the Progressive Rock legends over the past 25 years has been the unmistakable voice and charisma of Steve Hogarth. It was in 2006 that he first embarked on his ‘h Natural' solo project, a series of intimate shows featuring just himself and a piano that already graced Saint Michael's Cave almost a decade ago and the British Overseas Territory's King's Chapel last year. A good friend of Gibraltar, Steve was intent on returning: "This will be my fourth time performing in my beloved Gibraltar. Last year's Literary Festival gig in the King's Chapel was truly special for me and I came home with that rare feeling that I had ‘nailed it'. Must be something in the water... I immediately began hustling to return, so the chance to play once again in the unique space that is St Michael's Cave is, well, icing on the cake. Unlike my usual strictly-solo shows, this time my son, Nial, will join me on stage to play cajon, and I'm also thrilled to have the fabulous Dave Gregory on hand to play guitar. Can't wait."

Nial is an accomplished drummer and this will be the first time father and son perform together, although Dave Gregory is no stranger to working with Steve. A member of the band XTC for 19 years, performing on the hits "Making Plans For Nigel", "Senses Working Overtime" and twelve studio albums, as well as recording with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Take That's Mark Owen, Dave is well known to Marillion fans through his work on Steve Hogarth's solo album "Ice Cream Genius" and as a member of Steve's star-studded h Band. The addition of these special guests will give a different, novel feel to what is already a show that will appeal to any music lover and not just Marillion fans. Steve's repertoire will be culled from his 25 years with Marillion but will also include covers of songs that have touched him throughout his life.

As far as the venue is concerned, with its fascinating stalactites and stalagmites producing beautiful shapes and forms, St Michael's Cave stands at 300 metres above sea level. As soon as you enter the Caves, the sense of drama is overwhelming; the coolness hits your senses along with the deep silence and mystique. The perfect venue for Steve Hogarth & Friends.

This is not the usual ‘h Natural' show. This is different. For one show only and exclusively in Gibraltar, this is h (Super)Natural. It's going to be special. It's going to be unique. It's going to be unforgettable.

Tickets, priced at £20, are available to buy online at Further details on the concert can be found at

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