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Something about Croissants

July 1st 2024

Chapter 212. Gums and misery

June 17th 2024

Chapter 211. Out of this world

June 10th 2024

Chapter 210. Five, six, seven, eight.

May 27th 2024

Chapter 209. Sub Brownian Motion

May 20th 2024

Chapter 208. Utter Fidelity

May 13th 2024

Chapter 207. The 5 Star Omelette Station

May 6th 2024

The purists soak their beans overnight

April 29th 2024

Chapter 205. Hanging out with a fellow cabbage

April 22nd 2024

Episode 204. It's either a bearskin or really big hair.

April 15th 2024

Chapter 203. The nutter from Nantes

April 8th 2024

Chapter 202. An episode with a lovely ring.

April 1st 2024

Chapter 201. I'm mellower, but it is all relative...

March 25th 2024

Chapter 200. Did I mention I was Vegan...?

March 13th 2024

Chapter 199. The Karma Scale

March 4th 2024

Chapter 198. It isn't just gold, it's gold-plated gold.

February 26th 2024

Chapter 197. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.

February 19th 2024

Episode 196. If it were up to me, Marillion would be more like Disney

February 12th 2024

Chapter 195. Has it run its course Lucy?

February 5th 2024

Chapter 194. Dawn in California, Joe sends hugs

January 29th 2024

Chapter 193. And some people know me as Papa

January 22nd 2024

Chapter 192. In amongst the football boots and the dog food.

January 15th 2024

Chapter 191. Third drawer on the left in the laptop

January 8th 2024

Chapter 190. Purple & Festive

December 25th 2023

Chapter 189. Puddings and Hard Liquor

December 18th 2023

Chapter 188. Fishing for Peas

December 11th 2023

Chapter 187. Kevlar-coated falsetto

December 4th 2023

Chapter 186. Whose idea was it to put a lawyer on the tour-bus...?

November 27th 2023

Chapter 185. Geriatric at the Genius Bar

November 20th 2023

Chapter 184. Surrounded by Ninjas

November 13th 2023

Chapter 183. Handle with Care

November 6th 2023

Chapter 182. Lovely and brilliant in equal measure.

October 30th 2023

Chapter 181. Spitting Rivets

October 23rd 2023

Chapter 180. I have peculiarly small ear-holes.

October 16th 2023

Chapter 179. Shall I start with one I know?

October 9th 2023

h Natural Livestream - 5th October 2023

October 2nd 2023
Hello Everyone,

My experience on Saturday at Trading Boundaries mad furniture shop, gallery, restaurant, gig, hotel (and probably a few things I missed!) was so delightful I invited myself back. Fortunately the owner and creator of T Boundaries, Michael, agreed, and suggested a Christmas show. That will be well-special, so I'll be there with tree and tequila on Dec 13th (after Lodz and Liverpool and before Oxford).

Bring a bauble and you can hang it from my tree between songs. TB is quite something - check it out - and in a beautiful part of England. It's run by groovy girls and boys and must be especially lovely at Christmas.

Full details and tickets are available by CLICKING HERE

I believe there are a few tickets left for Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on Dec 9. Christmas in the Crypt, anyone? Santa's goin' underground...

Right, I'm off down memory lane to the Crooked Billet, Stoke Row. I wonder if I can crowbar one in, in Ipanema?

Thursday October 5th. h Natural Livestream, Crooked Billet, Stoke Row, Oxfordshire.

Save the date:)


"From Stoke Row to er.. Stoke Row!" or "Back to the Billet"

It's been 34 years since I played for the first time with Marillion, at this little pub hidden in rural Oxfordshire. We returned here recently to be interviewed prior to the "Season's End" re-issue and Paul, who works there, bent my ear royally in an attempt to persuade me to return.

Will it be any less scary? I certainly imagine so. I'm playing Monday and Tuesday too, so I should almost know what I'm doing (which is more than I can say about the 1989 appearance).

Do join me from wherever you are in the world.

Love and handstands,


Chapter 178. Fate

October 2nd 2023

Chapter 177. Desert Island Discs Ep.2

September 25th 2023

Chapter 176. Desert Island Discs Ep. 1

September 18th 2023

Chapter 175. In a leather apron, sweating over a barrel.

September 11th 2023

Chapter 174. Crowdfund me a leather holster

September 4th 2023

Chapter 173. A space-alien on toast

August 28th 2023

Chapter 172. A flashback, literally

August 21st 2023

Chapter 171. More is Less

August 14th 2023

Chapter 170. In the pursuit of excellence

August 7th 2023

Chapter 169. Knee deep in Swedes

July 31st 2023

Chapter 168. Much ado about nothing

July 24th 2023

Chapter 167. Tom is striding out in his leather pants for a loaf

July 17th 2023

Chapter 166. Seamus is lighting the way

July 10th 2023

Chapter 165. Simon is a ninja with the cut-throat razor.

July 3rd 2023

Chapter 164. Will you be partaking of the Mirrorball this evening Sir?

June 26th 2023

Chapter 163. Tuesday afternoon I am going to excel.

June 19th 2023

Chapter 162. Let's hear it for Gordon....

June 12th 2023

Chapter 161. Living' on a Prayer

June 5th 2023

Chip, Dale or possibly Alvin

May 29th 2023

Chapter 159. I was presented with a bucket of small gnomes.

May 22nd 2023

Chapter 158. "I'm a begatter, not a smiter..."

May 15th 2023

Chapter 157. I don't recall using the Dewey Decimal system.

May 8th 2023

Steve Hogarth / Richard Barbieri EP "Waiting To Be Born"

May 5th 2023
A Steve Hogarth / Richard Barbieri EP "Waiting To Be Born" will be available to download on Bandcamp Friday 5th May. Three songs written in 2015 that we didn't follow up on at the time, partly because of other commitments but also unsure that they were future album material. Having recently revisited and worked on these a little, we began to enjoy the quirky, playful and atmospheric nature of these pieces and decided we would rather these be heard than not. As always thanks for supporting our music.

Chapter 156. Comedy gold. Literally.

May 1st 2023

Chapter 155. Always travel with a leather mallet.

April 24th 2023

Chapter 154. Sjælland Denmark calling Anaheim California!

April 17th 2023

Chapter 153. How the hell do you crotchet a brothel-creeper?

April 10th 2023

Chapter 152. The complete SAGA

April 3rd 2023

Chapter 151. If ever a man deserved tail feathers.

March 27th 2023

Chapter 150. Like a Carp, only not so coy

March 20th 2023

Chapter 149. A Sea of Smiles

March 13th 2023

Chapter 148. It's all kicking off in the Village Hall

March 6th 2023

Chapter 147. The Muttley Wheeze

February 27th 2023

Holidays In Sweden Tour 2023

February 25th 2023

Chapter 146. Russell meet Hilary, Hilary meet Russell.

February 20th 2023

Chapter 145. Sedentary is just another word for slumped.

February 13th 2023

Chapter 144. Lucy and her brainchildren

February 6th 2023

Episode 143. What rhymes with Cowell.

January 30th 2023

Chapter 142. #freethebee

January 23rd 2023

Chapter 141. Sounds that nearly weren't made

January 16th 2023

Chapter 140. It's a long way to the start, when you begin in the middle.

January 9th 2023

Chapter 139. That space between a Camel's humps.

January 1st 2023

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